Action Points is a Stat in Fallout 76. Stats affect various aspects of the game, like damage, resistances, health, action points, carry weight, amount of exp earned, number of perks available, etc.



Action Points Information

Action Points determine how many actions you can take in V.A.T.S. and how long you can sprint.



Ways to increase Action Points



Ways to Restore Action Points



Notes and trivia about Action Points

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Agility  ♦  Carry Weight  ♦  Charisma  ♦  Damage Resistance  ♦  Disease Resistance  ♦  DMG Resist  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Energy Resistance  ♦  Experience Modifier  ♦  Health  ♦  Hunger  ♦  Intelligence  ♦  Luck  ♦  Melee Damage  ♦  Perception  ♦  Poison Resistance  ♦  Radiation Resistance  ♦  Strength  ♦  Thirst




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