An Organic Solution

Type Side Quests
  • ?? XP
  • Daisycutter (Modded Fat Man)
  • RadShield
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
Location Ella Ames' Bunker
Prerequisites Acquire Miscellaneous Quest "Investigate Ella's Bunker"
Time  N/A

An Organic Solution is a Side Quest in Fallout 76. Side Quests can provide various of rewards from XP to caps. They are displayed under the section "SIDE" of the Pip-Boy.



An Organic Solution Objectives

  1. Find Ella's research
  2. Collect Bone Meal
  3. (Optional) Install the Tracking Station
  4. Collect Chemicals at Dyer Chemical
  5. Deposit the Chemicals and Bone Meal
  6. Mix and Flush the Fertilizer into the River
  7. Collect a Strangler Bloom


An Organic Solution Locations


An Organic Solution Enemies


An Organic Solution Walkthrough

To obtain this quest, make your way to Ella Ames' Bunker in The Mire region located further west from Vault 76. Once you've arrived, a miscellaneous quest "Investigate Ella's Bunker" will unlock - access her terminal, choose [Research Studies] followed by [RadShield] and it will change to "An Organic Solution".

Once you've unlocked the quest, head out the bunker and make your way towards Southhampton Estate - immediately go to the second floor to find Ella Ames' corpse and obtain her research. Afterward, access her research holotape by using your terminal screen; when you're done reading through her logs, choose [Install Radio Tracking] under [Tracking Bone Meal] and set your radio to [Radiation Signal Tracker] to begin your search for a bone meal.

To keep it simple, if the percentage of the signal strength increases in the direction you're facing, head towards it, but if it decreases, immediately move to a new location and always look at the screen's top left corner to view the signal's strength.

Eventually, you might find yourself in Crevasse Dam located southeast of Southhampton Estate. Now, make sure you are fully equipped with weapons, armor, and recovery items since the tracker will lead you to a Deathclaw Nest containing the bone meal - once you've grabbed the item and most likely encounter a Deathclaw, make your way to Dyer Chemical south of Route 65.


After arriving, head inside the building and obtain a Nitrogen chemical, Phosphorus chemical, and Potassium chemical.



Located on the 2nd floor of the northern side of the building.


Located inside a small building connecting to the southwestern corner of the building


Located in the back of a large blue truck on the southern side of the building


After collecting all four components, head up to the 3rd floor of the building and place them into the marked terminal - choose [Confirm] followed by [Flush] to dump the fertilizer into the river. Now, head into the western river and take a glowing Stranger Blooms off a tree. As soon as you obtain the item, your objective will update and your marker will guide you to a Chemistry Station, immediately make your way to the station and forge a RadShield.

The quest will be completed after successfully crafting the item.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??




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