An Ounce of Prevention

Type Main Quests
Rewards Diluted Rad-X, Diluted Rad-X Recipe, Radaway, Radaway Recipe, A Photo Frame, Random Legendary Weapon
Location AVR Medical Center, Greg's Mine Supply
Previous Quest Final Departure
Next Quest Into the Fire

An Ounce of Prevention is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to collect blood samples and craft a vaccine. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



An Ounce of Prevention Objectives

  1. Study Doctor Hudson's Research.
  2. Collect a Type-T Fuse.
  3. Collect a Blood Sample from a Mole Rat.
  4. Collect a Blood Sample from a Feral Ghoul.
  5. Collect a Blood Sample from a Wolf.
  6. Analyze the Blood Samples.
  7. Use the Sympto-matic to administer the vaccine.


An Ounce of Prevention Locations


An Ounce of Prevention Enemies


An Ounce of Prevention Walkthrough


Doctors Office

Head into the basement of the AVR Medical Center, via the stairs to the right of the entrance and not the hole in the middle of the room, to find an area crawling with the Scorched. Once you're down here, take it one step at a time, making sure to kill the Scorched in front of you to avoid getting overrun. Once you've reach the basement,access the AVR Medical Laboratory Terminal and find the "Inoculation Project Overview" file.



After checking the Terminal, you'll be tasked to find a few items. Here is the complete rundown.

Type - T Fuse

  • Located in Greg's Mine Supply (northwest of AVR Medical Center, south of Morgantown Airport).
  • Enter by entering the house across the street. Enter the basement of the house and you find a path through it. Follow the path until you arrive inside Greg's Mine Supply.
  • The Fuse can be found atop the basement stairs, in a yellow crate.

Blood Samples

  • Located close to the AVR Medical Center.
  • You must collect a Blood Sample from three different enemies: Feral Ghoul, Wolf, Mole Rat.
  • To collect the samples, you must located them using the markers provided on the map. Once you locate each of them, kill one of each species. When you approach its carcass, a button will prompt to collect their Blood Samples.

 After collecting all the Blood Samples, head back to the AVR Medical Center. Once you arrive, submit the Type - T Fuse into the box next to the Terminal. Place the Blood Samples into the centrifuge then analyze them by accessing the Terminal. After doing this, make use of the Sympto-Matic to use the vaccine you just created.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • Find a body hidden in the center of the outside of the building. Looting this body will reward you with the Worn Veil and a Damaged Holotape. This also activates the side quest Into The Mystery.
  • Northeast of the AVR Medical Center, you'll find Wade Airport, entering the area will unlock the Claim Workshop at Wade Airport side quest.
  • Passing by Camp Mcclintok will also unlock another quest, Back To Basic, which is a main quest later on but can be done early.
  • While collecting the Blood Samples, you will be very close to an area called The Ash Heap. Entering this area will cause you to become poisoned or contract a disease, unless you have a Gas Mask. If you enter the area, you will receive a warning.



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