Back to Basic

Type Main Quests
Rewards Soldier's certificate
Location Camp McClintock
Prerequisite Recruitment Blues
or One of Us
Next Quest Recruitment Blues or
Officer on Deck

Back to Basic is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to complete and pass a set of courses to earn a rank in the army. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Back to Basic Objectives

  1. Collect your Uniform.
  2. Present yourself to the Master Sergeant.
  3. Complete the Marksmanship Training Course.
  4. Complete the Agility Training Course.
  5. Complete the Patriotism Training Course.
  6. Complete the Live Fire Exercise.


Back to Basic Locations


Back to Basic Enemies

  • Communist Robots


Back to Basic Walkthrough


Service Man

Speak to Master Sergeant Gutsy, and after doing so drop down to the first-floor foyer. You will find a Uniform Disbursement Log on a desk, so pick it up to learn where to find the Uniform Voucher. Then leave the building and head to the south side of the base to arrive at the barracks. There is a Uniform Voucher in a container inside the building, happy hunting.

Once you locate it, bring it back to the first-floor foyer and use the Uniform Dispenser to collect your very own Dirty Army Fatigues and Dirty Army Helmet. Get your equipment on and regroup with Master Sergeant Gutsy.


Walk the Walk

There will be three courses to complete to become a certified trooper. These can be completed in any order:


  • Begin course by selecting "Agility" on the Terminal.
  • Run the obstacle course, and you'll be tested with some QTE along the way.
  • Be sure to follow the Objective marker.
  • Complete within 2 minutes.


  • Equip a weapon with decent enough range and fire rate.
  • Begin course by selecting "Marksman" on the Terminal.
  • Shoot the targets that pop out in front of you.
  • 30 second limit.


  • Begin course by selecting "Patriotism" on the Terminal.
  • Investigate Jimmy, Topher, and Jianjun's rooms.
  • Speak to them to find out about their patriotism.
  • Return to the Terminal and input your accusation as to who is not actually a patriot of the U.S and A.

 Once you've completed the courses, head southwest just off of the base to reach the live fire test grounds. Here, you'll have to defeat three waves of communist robots. Every wave becomes progressively harder so be prepared for the battle. Once you complete the Live Fire Training Exercise, report back to Master Sergeant Gutsy to complete the quest.


Notes & Notable Loot



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