Fallout 76 Basic Needs aren't a typical Affliction as the rest. Survival Needs are more things that need to be done to avoid certain afflictions, and gain slight buffs if a player goes above and beyond just maintaining them.


Fallout 76 Basic Needs


What are Basic Needs?

These needs include consuming sufficient and clean Food and Drinks, and getting enough Sleep. Each will have its own level that can be monitored by accessing the Pipboy, and they will be measured in percentages. Meeting a certain percentage will qualify you for the benefits/drawbacks of each rank.


How to Maintain Needs?

It is important that players constantly feed and hydrate themselves, while getting sufficient rest. To do this, players must always be on the lookout for food and be weary of keeping fresh food too long, as a new mechanic involves food becoming spoiled by the radiation in the area over time. Canned foods are more durable and can be good to keep for extended periods of time.

Ensuring any water ingested is clean is also important as contaminated water may hydrate you, but it may also risk other Afflictions such as Disease or Mutation. Finding time in between several quests and objectives can also help to provide you with a small, but welcome buff.


Cost of Neglecting Basic Needs?

Ignoring your basic needs will result in a penalty, and will leave them with a minor Affliction.


Hunger Gauge State Effects
100% Well Fed Max HP +25, Disease resistance +25%
??% Fed Max HP +25, Disease resistance +25%
??% Famished ??


Thirst Gauge State Effects
100% Well Hydrated AP Regen +25, Disease resistance +25%
??% Parched AP Regen +25, Disease resistance +25%


Rest State Effects Duration
Well Rested XP +10% 1 hour
Rested XP +5% 1 hour
Exhausted  ?? ??




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