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Beckett is one of the Companions added in Wastelander DLC in Fallout 76 (FO76). Companions usually have their own Quests, and can help the player wandering the wasteland.



As a child growing up in Maryland, Beckett didn't have much. His father died when he was very young, and he never knew his mother, leaving just him and his kid brother, Frankie. One day, while playing in a destroyed factory, they were ambushed by a pack of wild dogs. Frankie was bitten and contracted rabies. Beckett stayed by his side, and nursed him back to health, even stealing rabies medication just to keep him alive. From that day on, they made a vow to stick with each other forever, no matter the situation.

Realizing that they were actually pretty good at stealing, they worked together as a pair in order to commit small-time crime. They usually stuck to theft, but Frankie had a raging bloodlust and wanted more. Beckett said no. When Beckett finally joined a real gang, he left Frankie behind for his own good.

Beckett started out in Hopkins' Hooligans, a tiny operation of raiders, and the going was good. There was everything a raider could want until Hopkins got himself killed, and the gang fell apart. Beckett wandered around for a bit, until he fell into Edwin's gang, a larger group, making bigger scores. Beckett thrived with this new group. Edwin was crazy, but he was a good man, and those who served under him were happy. With this pack, Beckett even made his trek into Appalachia, bringing Frankie with him.

He left Frankie with the Settlers in Foundation and continued to run with Edwin's gang, racking up loot left, right, and center. However, when he became hooked on chems, it all came crashing down.


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