Belly of the Beast

Type Main Quests
Rewards Ultracite Power Armor (full set)
Location Survey Camp Alpha
Previously Quest Recruitment Blues
Next Quest Uncle Sam

Belly of the Beast is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of the Main Quest is to find Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy's ID. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Belly of the Beast Objectives

  1. Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder Radio to find Taggerdy.
  2. Search Taggerdy's remains.
  3. Learn more about the Scorched at Taggerdy's Quarters.


Belly of the Beast Locations


Belly of the Beast Enemies


Belly of the Beast Walkthrough


Collecting Transponders

From the Fort Defiance leave the DMV and head northeast, until you reach the area in which the quest objective. Turn on the Brotherhood Emergency Transporter Radio Station. Look to the top left of your HUD to measure the signal strength of the transponder; the closer you get, the stronger the signal. The first one will be located on the bridge, around the middle of the area of interest. When you locate it, sync with it, to tick the first one off your list.

Head eastwards to find the second transponder. You'll also find this one in the center of the area of interest, next to a wrecked helicopter. Once again, sync with it, then continue east again.

The third Transponder can be found in the Survey Camp Alpha. You'll find it a bit to the left of the center, on top of a crate and a small barricade in the open, so it should be an easy spot. Once again, sync it then head out.

East again at Drop Site V9, what a surprise. HOWEVER, passing straight through from the Survey Camp Alpha is going to be an issue as you'll meet a lot of Scorched and Scorchedbeasts in between both locations. While challenging, and better options to go the long way around, it is possible to lead an army of your friends through this area, for the quickest route. Once you arrive at the site, it will be located on top of a caravan.


Final Transponder

This one is a bit of a doozy. Head east from the fourth Transponder to reach the Glassed Cavern. On your arrival, make use of the signal indicator on your HUD and the objective marker to navigate through the cavern. At about halfway to the signal, you'll encounter a lovely Scorchedbeast and Scorched that you will have to defeat to reach the Transponder. Make sure you're equipped to win this battle before entering.

During the fight, the narrow spaces, and multiple rocks and debris can be used as cover from its ranged attacks, as well as to limit its navigation through the spaces. Be sure to keep your distance and use the cover around you to successfully kill the beast -bring a couple of friends to increase your odds.

Once you've killed the big boy and its minions, follow the signal until you reach the Transponder. You'll find it next to Taggerdy's corpse, and since she won't be needing it anymore, loot her body for Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy's ID when you're done syncing the Transponder.


Spoils of Victory

Return to Fort Defiance as the champion of Transponders, head through the first door on the left then take a right to hop into an elevator that will take you up to the 4th floor. Find Taggerdy's Terminal and look for the "Ultimate Solution". Completing this quest will immediately activate the following.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3
  • 4x Transponders
  • Loot 2
  • Loot 3


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