Cold Case

Type Side Quests
  • 300 XP
  • Perfect Storm (Modded 10-MM SMG)
  • Multiple Random Ammo Types
  • Random Aid Item
Location Wavy Willard's Water Park

Acquire Miscellaneous Quest "Contact Miss Annie"

Time  N/A

Cold Case is a Side Quest in Fallout 76. Side Quests can provide various of rewards from XP to caps. They are displayed under the section "SIDE" of the Pip-Boy.



Cold Case Objectives

  1. Access the Security System
  2. Play the holotape clues
  3. Search for Freddy's ID
  4. Search the mailbox
  5. Go to Clarksburg Post Office
  6. (Optional) Repair the KidSecure using a tinker's bench
  7. Search Otis Pike's house
  8. Enter the Grafton Dam and search for clues
  9. Search the woods estate


Cold Case Locations


Cold Case Enemies

  • Scorched
  • Protectron
  • Super Mutant
  • Scorched Wanderer


Cold Case Walkthrough

To start this quest, head to Wavy Willard's Water Park and speak to Miss Annie who is sitting below the giant crocodile's mouth. After you've spoken to Miss Annie, you need to access the security terminal found in a building at the center part of the water park. You may get inside by lockpicking a level 2 lock or simply head to the northeastern corner of the building where you'll find a hole to get in. Once you're in, read all of the =Holotape Review= logs; now unlock the safe beside the terminal to acquire the first holotape clue, play it, and head beneath the steps of Slither Slide Terminal to find the second holotape.

Head back upstairs and look through the mailbox marked on your quest marker and obtain the Letters to the Media and Clarksburg P.O. Box 12. Now, you may continue and make your way to Clarksburg post office or head back up to the top of Slither Slide at the northeast corner of the park to obtain the KidSecure ID and repair it at the Tinker's Workbench. However, you need the following units such as a Nuclear Material, (1) circuitry, and (3) Adhesives to complete the optional objective.

Following the main objective, head to Clarksburg Post Office and access the terminal in the office. Choose [Search by BOX NUMBER] followed by [Box 012], your quest marker will now update its new location to Otis Pike's house which is located on the south end of Grafton - head over to the new location where you will find a terminal in Pike's basement, choose [Correspondence], followed by [Dam Safety Inquiry]. This will update your checkpoint.

Now, as you head towards the dam, you will come across a locked door leading to your objective that requires a Level 3 lockpicking skill. If you do not have the sufficient level, simply look for a broken tube near the locked door and drop down into it to make your way inside. As soon as you're in, you will have 5 markers that will lead you to certain clues - make sure you are well equipped and fully stocked with aid items since there are enemies inside the dam.

Follow the yellow markers and find the following items:

Diary of Otis Pike

Grafton Dam Keys

Freddy's Adventure # 1

Freddy's Adventure # 1

Freddy's Adventure # 3

Arthur's Wood Lighter


Once you've collected all of the clues, head northwest to the Woods Estate where you will find a destroyed house. Head to the second floor and check the desk to acquire Freddy's Hasty Note. Now, head back to Miss Annie at Wavy Willard's Water Park and speak to her to complete the quest.

Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??



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