Census Violence

Level 35+
Rewards Chance for Marine Armor Mods
Chance for Marine Underarmor Mods
Random loot: Ammo, Aid Items, Armor, Mods, Weapons, Plans
Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor
Location Cranberry Bog at a Random Location
Time  N/A

Census Violence is a Fallout 76 Public Event. In Event: Census Violence, Players are to Defend the Census taker. Public Events are temporary events which are usually quests that provide unique rewards during that event being happening.



Census Violence Objectives

  1. Meet the Census taker
  2. Defend the Census taker


Census Violence Locations


Census Violence Enemies

  • ????


Census Violence Walkthrough

Journal Entries

  • I should investigate this Census Taker robot.
  • A Census Taker robot has apparently been counting non-humans. It needs to fix the count by killing the things it previously counted. I'll go along for the ride.

If you fail:

  • -


Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??




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