Collision Course

Type Level 1-10
Rewards Concrete
Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor
Random Ammo, Consumables, Plans, Weapons, Mods or Armor
Location Morgantown Airport
Time  n/a

Collision Course are Public Events in Fallout 76. Public Events are quests that provide unique rewards during the available time the event is active. They are basically community quests that can be taken on by anyone (not just those in your party) on the server, as long as they're nearby.



Collision Course Objectives

  1. Secure a landing location for the Vertibot
  2. Loot the Stash


Collision Course Locations


Collision Course Enemies


Collision Course Walkthrough

Vertibot needs a landing location secured in order to complete its Supply Drop. Players must defeat a large number of Scorched to secure the location.

  • The Supply Drop stash can be looted after it lands.


Notes & Notable Loot




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