Fertile Soil

Type Level 1-10
Rewards Fertilizer
Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor
Random loot: Ammo, Consumables, Armor, Mods, Weapons, Plans
Location Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
Time  30 minutes (Takes 10~)

Fertile Soil is a Fallout 76 Public Event. In Event: Fertile Soil, Players are to deal with The Mr. Farmlands. Public Events are quests that provide unique rewards during the available time the event is active. They are basically community quests that can be taken on by anyone (not just those in your party) on the server, as long as they're nearby.



Fertile Soil Objectives

  1. Defeat all 3 malfunctioning Supervisor Robots
  2. Change Farmhands targeting parameters.


Fertile Soil Locations


Fertile Soil Enemies


Fertile Soil Walkthrough


Calling All Farmers

In the Flatwoods area of The Forest, south from the Overseer's Camp, you will receive a radio transmission from a Maria Chavez find out about the malfunctioning Farmland Supervisor Robots. You'll be asked to defeat them to stop the immediate onslaught, and then proceed to the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center to reprogram them.

There are a total of 3 Supervisors that need to be destroyed, however you will also be attacked by Mr. Farmhand robots. So be prepared to face more than just the three enemies. Once you kill them all, you'll be instructed to reboot the system so head to the objective maker. You'll find the Agricultural Center Mainframe Terminal in the basement. Use it and select "Change Farmland Farmlands Targeting Parameters" then choose the option to remove humans from their targeting to complete the quest and receive your reward.


Journal Entries

  • A Responder broadcast warned that the Mr. Farmhands are out of control. The Supervisors have to be eliminated.
  • With the Farmhands' Supervisors destroyed, the mainframe controlling the Mr. Farmhand AI needs to be reset.

If you fail:

  • -

Notes & Notable Loot




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