Level 10-14
Rewards Random Armor Mod
Random loot: Ammo, Aid Items, Armor, Mods, Weapons, Plans
Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor
Location Eastern Regional Penitentiary (Toxic Valley)
Time  N/A

Jailbreak is a Fallout 76 Public Event. In Event: Jailbreak, Players are to Help the prison warden with a jail break. Public Events are temporary events which are usually quests that provide unique rewards during that event being happening.



Jailbreak Objectives

  1. Get to the penitentiary rooftops
  2. Kill Mad Dog Malone's Gang
  3. Repair turrets
  4. Kill super mutant that is targeting a turret
  5. Kill super mutant with missile launcher
  6. Kill the super mutant suicider before he reaches the door


Jailbreak Locations


Jailbreak Enemies


Jailbreak Walkthrough

Make your way to the Eastern Regional Penitentiary for the event quest to start -  the objective is to stop a group of Super Mutants from breaking out an infamous leader. And to do that, simply follow the quest marker pointing out to the rooftop and repair the turrets while fending off the enemies.


Journal Entries

  • Mad Dog Malone's Gang is trying to break him out of Eastern Regional Penitentiary.
  • I need to stop Mad Dog Malone's gang from attacking the penitentiary.

If you fail:

  • -


Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??




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    • Anonymous

      Event is very difficult, “Optionals” are not really optional here. Do them or fail. I’ve tried twice now at level 38/39 and still no dice in succeeding.

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