Patrol Duty


Level 10-14
Rewards Random Ranged Weapon Recipe
Random Armor Mod
Random loot: Ammo, Aid Items, Armor, Mods, Weapons, Plans
Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor
Location Eastern Regional Penitentiary (Toxic Valley)
Time  N/A

Patrol Duty is a Fallout 76 Public Event. In Event: Patrol Duty, Players are to Assist the Warden and his men with their rounds. Public Events are temporary events which are usually quests that provide unique rewards during that event being happening.



Patrol Duty Objectives

  1. Report to the Warden
  2. Escort the Guard Patrol
  3. Defend the Security Station


Patrol Duty Locations


Patrol Duty Enemies


Patrol Duty Walkthrough


Prison Guard Guard

Approaching the Eastern Regional Penitentiary in Toxic Valley will trigger a radio transmission from the Warden, who instructs you to go to the Warden's Office. Beware of the Scorched and Feral Ghouls that populate the area. Follow the objective marker and when you arrive, you'll find the Warden who -no surprise- is a machine. He tells you to follow and protect the Penitentiary Guard he's going to send out.

Do as you're instructed, and be prepare for a lot of enemies. When you arrive at the destination, the Penitentiary Guard will begin a download sequence. When this happens, he will be completely vulnerable so protect him. When he finishes, escort him once again.


A Handyman Too

Eventually, you'll arrive outdoors where you will be attacked by Super Mutants. Here the Guard will probably sustain more damage than it can take and will require a fix. Head over to it within 2 minutes and repair it. Once you have, escort it back to where you started to complete the quest and receive your


Journal Entries

  • At Eastern Regional Penitentiary, an announcement said that a security patrol will be sent out soon. I should report to the warden if I want to join the patrol.
  • A security patrol is making its way through Eastern Regional Penitentiary. I need to protect the guard as he completes his rounds.

If you fail:

  • -


Notes & Notable Loot

  • It should be noted that robot may change routes starting to yard then into solitary wing sometime. Just follow the protectron after it goes the first flight of stairs from the warden to figure out which route it would take.
  • Patrol Duty drops consistent plans for armor and weapons. Examples include but not limited to Submachine Gun, Handmade Gun, 10mm Pistol, Pumped- Up Shotgun.



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