Protest March

Level 10-14
Rewards Random Armor Mod
Random loot: Ammo, Aid Items, Armor, Mods, Weapons, Plans
Possible Legendary Weapons or Legendary Armor
Location Grafton
Time  -

Protest March is a Fallout 76 Public Event. In Event: Protest March, Players are to Put down the protest march riot in Grafton. Public Events are quests that provide unique rewards during the available time the event is active. They are basically community quests that can be taken on by anyone (not just those in your party) on the server, as long as they're nearby.



Protest March Objectives

  1. Find the protest gathering spot
  2. Kill the Protesters


Protest March Locations


Protest March Enemies


Protest March Walkthrough


Government Brutality

Upon arriving at Grafton, you'll receive a radio transmission from the Grafton Mayor, in which he asks for help in "quelling" the impending riot by some of the workers of the town. If you find an alley filled with Scorched holding signs, you've found your protest. They will attack you in large numbers, so try to eliminate them from a distance or figure out a way to separate them if you'd prefer a 1-on-1 encounter.

Be careful of the population of Super Mutants of this town as they may pose a problem as well. Once you kill all the protestors, the quest will end.


Journal Entries

  • Grafton's mayor says there are riots in the streets of Grafton. I need to go there and put them down.
  • I've dealt with the "protesters" in Grafton.

If you fail:

  • -


Notes & Notable Loot




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