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Fallout 76 Mutations are a special status effect on the player character. These effects have both negative and positive results for the afflicted, and can be optionally introduced into Builds to optimize your setup by buffing certain Stats or obtaining unique effects.


What are Mutations in Fallout 76?

Radiation is a constant environmental hazard in the Fallout universe and Mutations are the effect of constant exposure to it. Mutations work the same way as traits did in the previous Fallout games, in that they apply both buffs and debuffs to the player's character.


How to Get Mutations in Fallout 76

  • Obtain mutations by idling near hazardous waste or within radiated or gas areas, eating irradiated food, or swimming in or drinking wasteland water. You can also contract mutations from certain enemies such as Feral Ghouls.
  • Upgrading the Starched Genes Perk to Rank 2 ensures that Radaway will not cure mutations.
  • Upgrading the Starched Genes Perk to Rank 2 ensures that no new mutations can be acquired, guaranteeing you can keep the one you like.

How to Cure Mutations in Fallout 76

  • Mutations can only be removed by taking Radaway.
  • Mutations can be completely prevented by Upgrading and equipping the Starched Genes perk.
  • You can change your Mutation by exposing yourself to more hazards and radiation, as mutations override each other.
  • Death does not remove mutations.




Fallout 76 Mutations

Mutation Bonuses Negative effects
Adrenal Reaction +Weapon DMG and quick health regen at low HP Max HP -50
Bird Bones AGI +4 and slowed fall speed. STR -4
Carnivore Meat provides x2 benefit and no disease Cannot eat vegetables
Chameleon Invisibility while unarmored and standing still  Can't wear armor
Eagle Eyes Critical Damage +25%, PER +4 STR -4
Egg Head INT +6 STR -3, END -3
Electrically Charged Charged Chance to shock when melee attacked  -
Empath Damage taken by teammates -25% Damage taken by the player with mutation  +33%
Grounded Energy Resistance +100 Energy Damage -20%
Healing Factor Health Regeneration +300% Chem Effects -55%
Herbivore Vegetables provide x2 benefit and no disease Cannot eat meat
Herd Mentality All SPECIAL stats +2 when grouped All SPECIAL stats -2 when solo.
Marsupial Carry weight +20, +jump height INT -4
Plague walker Poison aura scaling with your diseases + diseases last longer  Still suffer from diseases' effects 
Scaly skin Damage and Energy Resistance +50 AP -25
Speed Demon Movement speed +20, faster reload  Food and thirst drains faster
Talons Punching attacks do 25% more damage + bleed damage Ranged accuracy -50%
Twisted Muscles Melee damage +25%, better chance to cripple limbs Weapon accuracy -50%
Unstable Isotope  Chance to irradiate melee attackers  -


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    • Anonymous

      Grounded is currently bugged. Adds 10 energy resistance, reduces energy GUN damage by 50% - unaffected by class freak.

      • Anonymous

        Mutation idea; "Immortal ghoulish soul" +5 endurance -5 strenght Turn the player into a glowing ghoul, creat a 10m radius radioactive aura and the ability to detonate it once enough rads have been expelled, doing rad and energy damage. Consistantly take 10 rads per 10 mins and naturally glow brighter than the pipboy light.

        • Anonymous

          Mutation idea: "Werewolf" Become one with the beast. All dogs, wolves and cannines become your allies, run 15% faster and have the ability to turn into a feral dog for 30s increasing speed and damage by an additional 15%.) but can only bite in this form.

          • Anonymous

            Mutation idea: "Mind over matter" Press melee for 3s to launch a frontal / AoE telekinetic wave, sending enemies flying. Does no damage but cause enemies to be knockback a significant distance.

            • Anonymous

              Carnivore and Herbivore are bugged if using the Enclave serums. If you use either one, you cannot mutate via serum any longer unless they are removed.

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