Order of Mysteries

The Order of Mysteries, or the Order of Mistresses of Mystery, is a faction formed in Appalachia after the War by Shannon and Frederick Rivers

Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries is one of the many Factions of the game. Factions are special groups and allegiances that the player may observe, join or aspire to during gameplay.



"The Order of Mysteries is a sisterhood dedicated to upholding the virtues exemplified by the Mistress of Mystery: courage, cunning, and compassion. We fight in the shadows to protect ourselves, one another, and the people of Appalachia from any threat to their lives or liberty."





Where to find the Order of Mysteries

The Order of Mysteries was founded when Shannon and Frederick Rivers adopted a number of orphaned girls after the Great War, providing them with food, shelter and training to help them survive. They intended to create an Order of heroes for Appalachia, based on the character of the Mistress of Mystery from the Silver Shroud comics. They extolled the virtues of this character, focusing on reconnaissance, stealth and cunning. 

The Order of Mysteries made its headquarters at Riverside Manor. Players can find traces of the Order in the following locations:


Order of Mysteries Ranks

The Headmistress

The Headmistress was the leader of the Order and assigned missions to Mistresses and Seekers. Shannon Rivers was the only Headmistress.

Mistress of Mystery

Mistresses of Mystery were full members of the order, who reported directly to the Headmistress.


Novices were trainees who learned under a mentor and were assigned missions by the Mistress of Novices. Upon completion of a series of missions, they could ascend to Seekers.

Mistress of Novices

The Mistress of Novices acted as the Headmistress' second in command, and issued missions to novices, as well as to Mistresses and Seekers in the Headmistress' absence. Eve Devoir was the final person to hold this position before 2102.


Seekers were essentially apprentice mistresses, studying advanced combat techniques and reporting directly to the Headmistress or Mistress of Novices. Once they demonstrated a 'mastery of stealth, inflitration, combat and tactics' by completing a 'mission worthy of the true Mistresses of Mystery', they could then apply for a promotion to full Mistress.


Initiates were the very newest members of the Order and worked with a mentor during their training. They made not be assigned or accept missions until their mentor sees fit to promote them to Novice. Inititates were recruited by existing members and were provided with a veil to enter the Headquarters.




The only male member of the Order, Frederick Rivers was not ranked, and instead provided technological services to the Order. He designed and built the Order's equipment (based on the fictional equipment of the Mistress of Mystery character), created a fabricator to automate the creation and repair of the equipment, and hacked the RobCo mainframe to assist the Order by supporting automated registration, mentor assignment and mission assignment. 

Every tool, item, weapon and piece of armor used by the Order were based on those used by the Mistress of Mystery character, and were known collectively as the Regalia of Mystery. Members received equipment as they were promoted through the ranks. 

The Regalia of Mystery included:

  • Veil of Secrets - a veil which afforded the wearer anonymity and protection from gas, smoke and fumes. 
  • Garb of Mysteries - a formal dress, designed for mobility and stealth. 
  • Phantom Device - a tool which creates an obfuscating smoke screen to assist with escapes. 
  • Blade of Bastet - a sword.
  • Voice of Set - a .44 revolver, modified to fire smoke and electromagnetic bullets. 
  • Eye of Ra - a jewelled brooch


Order of Mysteries Quests

  • Order of Mysteries Quest 1
  • Order of Mysteries Quest 2
  • Order of Mysteries Event


Order of Mysteries Rewards

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