Final Departure

Type Main Quests
Rewards Patrolman's Sunglasses, Somerset Special
Location Morgantown Airport
Previous Quest Second Helpings
Next Quest An Ounce of Prevention

Final Departure is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to follow the clues left around from Morgantown Airport, to ultimately learn about the Inoculation Project. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Final Departure Objectives

  1. Investigate Morgantown Airport.
  2. Learn the fate of the Responders.
  3. Listen to Overseer's Log - Morgantown.
  4. Learn about the Inoculation Project.


Final Departure Locations


Final Departure Enemies


Final Departure Walkthrough


Leavin' on a Jetplane

From the Flatwoods, head northeast to arrive at what's left of Morgantown Airport, via Interstate 59. Once you arrive, proceed into the Terminal. There will be a marked room upstairs, so go to it to find the Overseer's Cache within. Loot the entire cache and find a another range of items, including a Holotape: Overseer's Log - Morgantown. Listen to it to learn about the "Inoculation Project".

Head back outside and conduct your search, past the old field-ops tower. If you head eastwards on the runway, you'll come across an area with quarantine signs all around; seeing those signs are no much bueno in any instance, and this is no exception. The area is filled with the Scorched and you'll have to actually confront some of them. Enter the area and look for the hanger with a "Medical" sign stamped on the right side of the doorway. Once you reach it, head up the stairs to access the Terminal on the second floor. You'll have the option to select "Inoculation Project Announcement", and doing so will bring an end to this quest.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • The area is infested with the Scorched. Be prepared fro a rowdy time!
  • Note 2
  • Note 3



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