Hacking is a skill in Fallout 76 to exploit a weakness in a computer system or computer network. It can be used to find additional lore and backstory, find alternate resolutions to quests, and even to unlock doors and safes if the Lockpick skill is too low.

Depend on the Terminal difficulty, the required level of hacking skill is different. The harder the Terminal, the longer a password it requires.



How to hack a terminal in Fallout 76

When the player begins to hack, the Terminal screen will display some words and several symbols. Every word is the same length, and clicking on one will tell the player how many letters out of their selection are in the right spot. For example, if the correct password was "benign" and the player clicked "design," the Terminal would return "4/6 correct."  If the player guesses incorrectly too many times, they will be locked out of the Terminal (for an amount of time). 

Aside from the words on the screen, the player will also be presented with several ASCII symbols. If the player can find groups of symbols in between sets of brackets, such as []. {}. (). and <>, selecting them will remove duds, or incorrect passwords, and replenish the amount of attempts the player has before being locked out.

Strategy-wise, it is best to select one of the possible passwords to see how many letters are correct and then hunt down bracket sets, since the chance of them removing duds is much higher than resetting attempts.



How to upgrade your hacking skills in Fallout 76

You can upgrade your hacking skill by selecting Hacker, Expert Hacker and Master Hacker perks. 

Unlike some Perk Cards, all three of the Hacking cards have only one rank - this means that while you can collect and equip all three, you cannot equip a second of the same type to improve the rank. Therefore you must find one of each of the cards, unlike some Perks where finding a duplicate will allow you to upgrade its rank.



Hacking Notes & Tips

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