Launching a Nuke in Fallout 76 refers to the process in entering nuclear silos and deploying a missile. Nuclear Silos have 3 forms of protection. First Nuclear Codes, Second Identification Access and lastly a Code Puzzle. This summarizes the known methods to unlock this nuclear prize.


Fallout 76 Nukes

Nuclear technology is no stranger in the Fallout universe. Its might as a weapon has been an enormous influence in the daily lives of the people in the United States. That is why there are so many undisturbed nuclear silos in the West Virginia wasteland. That these great weapons remain unused is due to the complicated locks that guard them, requiring a special kind of key, a code, and access.

Launching a nuclear attack on an area has two major effects: firstly, any players who have made their home in the area will find that they return to a smoking ruin. Secondly, the irradiated area, while now filled with even more deadly Enemies, is also home to unique resources used to craft powerful, high-level gear. 


How to get Nuclear Codes

Nuclear Launch Codes are extremely valuable items needed for use in Nuclear Silos. These unique items are divided into several pieces, and thus multiple launch Codes are needed to use the payloads.

The Codes themselves are looted from Scorched Officers and Ghouls. Officers are distinct from wearing a beeping radio backpack that has an antenna with a flashing red light.

The keys are a fragment of an 8 piece puzzle that are divided into three different silos: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.

The codes self-destruct after 7 days, so players must act within that timeframe to enter the silo.


Locations for Nuclear Codes

The areas below may be possible places where these Scorched officers spawn:


How to break the code

There are some apps and websites can help you decipher the Nuke Code, like . If you want to break the code by yourself, follow the instructions below:

  1. Find all 8 code pieces in game.
  2. Find the keyword for the keyword cipher

    (Tip: The board in the Enclave bunker has part of the keyword unlocked and will reveal more over time. )

    ( Tip: you can use a online pattern matching tool to find all possible matching words. Like
    Fill in the word pattern and sub out blank spaces with ‘?' and end with ‘*'
    example ?????n??o?y*)

  3. Use an online keyword cipher tool to decrypt the 8 letters you got from code pieces ingame
  4. Check with an online anagram/scrabble tool if a word exists with the 8 letters you found decrypted
  5. If one exists then you have a possible solution. (example ANTILOGY) Otherwise back to step 2 and repeat to find a solution,
  6. Go back on your decryption work to find the order in which you have to type in the code pieces you got ingame:
    ABDFHOPX decrypted into GLANOITY.

    A of ANTILOGY comes first which decrypted from the letter D so first number is the number that comes with code piece D-?

    N of ANTILOGY is second which was decrypted from the letter F so second number is the number that comes from the code piece F-?

    Repeat this until you have the order of all 8 numbers and you will have your launch code.

If multiple solutions were found either try them all or wait for more keyword is revealed.



Security Clearance Access

Access to the elevator leading to the silos needs security clearance from the U.S. Government, which is now in control of the Faction: Enclave. In order to be able to gain complete access, the players must join the Enclave, rise through its ranks and attain the rank of general which would give the players security clearance to access the silos.


How to Join the Enclave for Nukes

The path to the Enclave begins in The Mire. In the Abandoned Waste Dump, there would be a holotape containing information to a series of bunkers. The holotape itself is within a Deathclaw nest so be prepared for a fight. You will eventually end up to the Whitesprings Bunker which the Enclave AI MODUS resides. MODUS will provide the quest in order to join the enclave.

After being inducted, you will be sent to Camp McClintock in The Forest to go through basic training. After this questline the players would then be required to earn 10 commendations.

Commendations are earned doing the following:

After earning the commendations, the players would be promoted to general at the Enclave Terminal and your party would have access to silo insides.

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