Fallout 76 Injuries  are limb-specific. For example you might get an ouchie on your left leg, but your right is just fine. Being injured will negatively affect players as they experience penalties to attributes revolving around the use of those particular limbs, which can be cancelled out by treating the specific injury. While obtaining any of the 4 possible injuries will cause you an inconvenience you will be eager to get rid of, each affect you differently.


Inflicting Injuries

Now while it may suck to be injured, it can be useful to injure the opposition, especially in PVP. Inflicting them works the same as acquiring them; aim for the particular body part to cause an injury. While there are no perks that can help prevent an injury, there are plenty that increase your chance of inflicting one on others:


Preventing Injuries

A particular limb of yours can become injured if it takes too much concentrated damage. This can be avoided by upgrading armor, and smart use of the environment as cover. Other than that, you better pray the opposition has bad aim!


Dealing with Injuries

Your Pip-Boy allows you to view your injuries on a limb-by-limb basis (as well as the effects of any drugs you've taken!) to make it easy to monitor your health. Treating an injury is not like most other afflictions, as it requires attention and doesn't disappear on its own. That being said, tending to your wounds can be as easy as using a Stimpak to fully recover from any injuries you may have been carrying.


Different Types of Injuries


Head Injury


Effect: Player becomes disoriented; distortion to hearing and vision.

Cause: Too much head-focused damage taken.

Cure: Stimpak

Torso Injury


Effect: Player becomes exhausted; decreased rate of AP regeneration.

Cause: Too much torso-focused damage taken.

Cure: Stimpak

Arm Injury


Effect: Player loses accuracy; aiming a weapon becomes moderately more difficult.

Cause: Too much arm-focused damage taken.

Cure: Stimpak

Leg Injury


Effect: Player begins to limp; slows down movement speed.

Cause: Too much leg-focused damage taken.

Cure: Stimpak

Critically Injured


Effect: Player collapses to the floor; only able to call for help until the timer counts down to zero and they die.

Cause: Damage taken exceeds HP.

Cure: Revival via another player/ Death

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