Into the Mystery

Type Faction Quest: Order of Mysteries
  • 250 XP
  • Veil of Secrets
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
Location Tygart water treatment
Prerequisites Miscellaneous Quest "Search the Body"
Time N/A

Into the Mystery is a Side Quest in Fallout 76. Side Quests can provide various of rewards from XP to caps.



Into the Mystery Objectives

  1. Listen to the Damaged Holotape
  2. Learn the History of Riverside Manor
  3. Search the Front Parlor while Wearing a Veil
  4. Discover the Secret of Riverside Manor


Into the Mystery Locations


Into the Mystery Enemies


Into the Mystery Walkthrough

To start the quest, you will need to find a body at the Tygart water treatment plant. Once you've found the body, you will gain the following items: Damaged Holotape, Worn Veil, and other random items - listen to the holotape to initiate the quest and the woman in the log will mention your next destination, Riverside Manor.

Beware, make sure you are equipped with Melee Weapons since you will encounter enemies ranging from levels 1-6 within the location.

Once you've arrived and killed some enemies, head inside the manor's main entrance and make your way to the 2nd floor, immediately turn right and make another right to the first door or simply follow the quest marker to find yourself in the study room - access the terminal and make sure you read through each written log. Eventually, you will find a log dated 6/29/77 and the objective will update after reading it.

After you've gone through the terminal, follow your quest marker, equip the veil and search through the walls of the front parlor to look for a hidden entrance and eventually a secret door will open - continue down the path where you will find which seems to be an underground facility hidden within Riverside Manor.

This marks the completion of the quest allowing you to unlock Initiate of Mysteries.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??




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