Legendary Effects in Fallout 76 are extremely powerful effects that can appear on Weapons to increase their performance in some manner. The table below will show what these are and what they do. Legendary Effects apply only to specific weapons, and are very valuable due to their strong effects. You can recognize a Legendary weapon because of the Prefix it gets


How to get Legendary Effects

  • Defeat stronger Enemies that have one or multiple Stars before their name. 
  • These special enemies have a chance to drop Legendary Weapons and Legendary Armor. 
  • No Legendary Power Armor has been found  by killing a Legendary Enemy. 


Fallout 76 Legendary Effects


Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon Effects


Fallout 76 Legendary Armor Effects

Name / Prefix Effect Found On
Acrobat's Reduces falling damage by 50%.  
Assassins -8%  to -10% damage from players  All Armors
Auto Stim Uses a Stimpack automatically when below 40% health every 60 seconds  
Bolstering The more damage you take the less damage you will receive up +35% damage and energy resistance  
Cavalier's Reduces damage while blocking or sprinting by 15%.  
Chameleon Crouching will make you invisible  All Armors
Cloaking When hit by a melee attack go invisible  
Duelist's 10% change to disarm melee attacker on hit.  
Exterminator's Reduces damage from Mirelurks and bugs by 15%.  
Ghoul Slayer's -15% damage from Ghouls  
Hunter's -15% damage from Animals  
Junkie's Reduces damage proportional to the amount of withdrawal effects active  
Mutant Slayer 30% more protection vs Mutants  
  Increases each S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats except Charisma when falling below a certain health  
Regenerating Slowly regenerate health while not in combat  
Sprinter's Increases movement speed by 10%.  
Super Mutants -15% damage from Super Mutants  
Suppressor's Reduce your target's damage output by 20% for 3 seconds  
Troubleshooter's  Reduces damage from Robots by 15%.  All Armors
Undying 50% chance to use a Stimpack every minute while Downed  
Weightless -90% Carry Weight, does not affect the Chameleon mutation  
Vangaurd's Grants up to +35 energy and damage resistance , the higher your health All Armors 
Zealot's -15% damage from Scorched  


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