Meteoric Sword

Weapon Type One-Handed Melee
Bonus +10% Damage vs. Humans
90% Reduced Weight
50% more Durability
Damage ??
Speed Medium
Weight 0.3
Value 63

Meteoric Sword is one of the Exceptional Weapons of Fallout 76 (FO76). 


Meteoric Sword Information


  • You need the ?? Perk to improve this Weapon.
  • +10% Damage vs. Humans, 90% Reduced Weight, 50% more Durability is this weapon's bonus


Where to Find & Location

  • Potential reward from Event Lode Baring
  • can be found in "Breach and Clear" event in the boxes from the drill


Meteoric Sword Mods

  • ??



Exceptional Weapons
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    • Anonymous

      I've done several of this event, with the keycard, and looted around 10 of these. Always lvl 25 for me. I gave up trying to find one at lvl 50. It wouldn't be a viable weapon either way.

      • Anonymous

        I've only managed to get two level 25 Meteoric Swords, does anyone know if there are other levels or if it's capped at only 25?

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