Mission: Countdown

Type Main Quests
Rewards Missile Ammo
Location Missile Silos
Quest Step 3 of I Am Become Death

Mission: Countdown is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to learn the proper way of clearing out a Silo. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.




Mission: Countdown Locations


Mission: Countdown Enemies


Mission: Countdown Walkthrough


What to Expect

There are a total of 5 major events at every silo, which will each require you to take on a wave of enemies then subsequently defend against a never-ending swarm of overpowered robots while you complete a series of objectives. The trick is to complete the objects as quick as possible, as they will keep coming until you do so.

This will be the case for each event and only after completing all 5, will you be able to use the launch controls. However, if you don't fancy blowing the whole world up, you can still run this fantastic gauntlet for the rewards you receive at the end, up to twice a day. Double however, if you are looking to blow the world up, you're going to have to have to have obtained the Nuclear Keycard and Launch Codes.


Nuclear Frame of Mind

If you plan on using the nuclear console, you must prepare your arsenal to take on one of the biggest challenges of your life. You and your team should coordinate and be assigned different tasks, prior to beginning your venture. That way, everyone can set up with the most appropriate gear, equipment, perks, and weapons. When you're assigning roles, it always pays big time to have a hackerman and a lock pick; someone with high ranking skills in those departments will help you bypass the inside of the silos, a lot easier.

By assigning different roles, you all know what you'll have to do once you enter the silo. For example: If you go in with the recommended 8+ people, consider these roles:

  • Assault
    • Persons who's main objectives are to provide cover fire. These members need to be more stocked than the rest with ammunition and equip insane weaponry capable of providing sufficient cover for everyone else. Typically the largest amount of people in that role.
  • Support
    • Persons who's main objective is to carry supplies for the rest of the team. Supplies such as Stimpaks, Radaways, Med-X, Rad-X, and anything else that players may need in between fighting periods, when they have a bit of breathing space. Food and Drinks are also this person(s)' department, to keep the reset of the team well fed and hydrated. This role still needs to be equipped with appropriate firearms and ammunition, just less so than an assault, so one or two people should do the trick.
  • Hackerman
    • This person, as mentioned above, needs to be well adept and hacking and lockpicking. This person should also bring 45x Scrap Steel and 30x Circuits to be able to quickly rebuild the Mainframe Cores. This person should be prime asset that needs to protected, in order for them to go about clearing each event.
  • Demolitions Expert
    • Persons are equipped similarly to the Assaults, however specialize with explosives. This can be super useful when you're about to be overrun and can also be useful to set up the perimeter to take out some of the enemies all together. Useful explosives could include variations of grenades, missile launchers, explosive traps, etc. As long as they aren't rocking up with Mini Nukes.


If for some crazy reason you intend on completing this alone, not to worry as there are ways to accomplish your mission of world destruction:

  • Rambo
    • This is more straightforward than most roles; simply be a high-enough level, equip yourself with the best equipment and weapons, and just go for it. While simple in theory, it is incredibly hard in execution and should be reserved for players of the utmost experience and skill.
  • Covert Operative
    • This approach lowers the threat of enemies by a significant amount, if performed correctly. A stealthy approach through the silo can work if you are sure to equip and use these strategies and build.
      • Raise your Agility as high as you can, and equip sneak perks -perks like Covert Operative, Rifleman, and Sandman, can all work well too. If you can manage to acquire the Chameleon Mutation, it would be a massive help. If not, stealth gear such as a Garb of Mysteries can be very helpful too. Needing to possess high hacking and picklocking skills is also a bonus. Finally, the most essential for when you have to access Terminals, Stealth Boys or Umbrella Devices can go a very long way.


Be Sure To...

You'll find Terminals everywhere you can hack for some help. Look around the Terminals and use them however you see fit. There will also be Workbenches scattered around the silo. While you have some breathing space, be sure to repair any equipment that may need it, before triggering the next event.

Speaking of which, an event is triggered by an alarm and once it starts, enemies will continue to spawn until you've completed the objective so be sure to focus on completion! In fact, in the Reactor and Control areas, you can start some of the tasks that need to be completed for the event, even before the alarms start ringing.

There is also a useful shortcut that can be opened at the Storage Area, that will unlock a door that brings you back to the entrance of the silo.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • As this is probably the most difficult challenge in all of Fallout 76, don't feel the need to rush it. Come back once you feel you're ready.
  • Entering the wrong launch codes will mean having to find another Nuclear Keycard before being able to try to input the codes again.
  • Leaving the silo for too long will result in a total reset of your progression, meaning having to start from the first area once again.
  • Loot 1
  • Loot 2
  • Loot 3



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