My Stash Box

Purpose Access Inventory around Appalachia
Maximum Storage 600
Crafting Requirements
Location Various

My Stash Box is a form of storage in Fallout 76. Using your Fallout 76 Stash, players can control their Carry Weight. Players can leave and collect their items at any of the "My Stash Box" locations, all around Appalachia.


My Stash Box Information

As mentioned above, Stash boxes are found in various locations around the map, and can even be built in your C.A.M.P.. Anything stashed in any of these boxes automatically becomes available at any other box, and is only accessible by the stash-er; all players can access any of the Stash Boxes around the map but they will only be able to find what they put in, regardless of anyone else within the sever.

Smart usage of the Stash Boxes can help reduce a player's overall carried weight by leaving the items they may not immediately need, which reduce the chance of becoming over-encumbered and draining the player's AP.


My Stash Box Locations


Weight Management



My Stash Box has a maximum weight capacity of 400, which is especially useful during a player's early build. Certain junk items can weigh more than the sum of their individual parts and take up unnecessary space in the inventory. To counter this, players can break down Junk at any Weapons Workbench , then place the parts they wish to keep in their Stash Box. 

It also may be worth scrapping non-legendary weapons and armor of higher levels as there will be plenty of opportunities to find them around the world, as players progress.


Weight Loss (Power Armor Required)

An exploit has been found to allow players to store more than the maximum capacity of "My Stash Box", but requires a Power Armor suit to do so. To do this, simply players can place the suit on the ground and store items that they wish inside it. A few moments without interaction will make the suit disappear, claiming to have walked back to the player's Stash Box. Players will find the suit in their stash, weighing the same as it always has, regardless of the added inventory weight it carries.


Smart Keepings

When struggling with space, storing items that are very commonly found such as wood or steel can be a bit of a waste as they can be found almost anywhere. An alternative is to turn them into their respective bulk item at a Tinkerer Workbench.

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