Free Cooking Lessons!

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Notes in Fallout 76 can be found scattered across Appalachia, and can contain scraps of lore, the stories of those who once lived in West Virginia, and various other information.  


Transcript for Free Cooking Lessons!



Cooking Lessons
Just Outside Flatwoods Tavern in the Parking Lot

Reverend Delbert Winters leads cooking lessons
every day. FREE TO ALL SURVIVORS! Come get fed
and learn how to cook the old-fashioned way!

* Reverend Winter's famous Appalachili!
* Corn Pone! Yum!
* Cramburgers!
(It's definitely meat! Well probably! At least some of it!)

Kindly refer to your local friendly Responder for
details and class schedules.


Where to find Free Cooking Lessons!

In Flatwoods, on the front counter of the tavern. 

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