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Notes in Fallout 76 can be found scattered across Appalachia, and can contain scraps of lore, the stories of those who once lived in West Virginia, and various other information.  


Transcript for Guestbook



"It's in His hands now." -Delbert
"I know my dad and brother are okay, but I lost so many friends... so many. I think of the constantly. I only hope some of them made it..." -Dassa
"I just hope everybody's ok in the vaults." -Willie Mae
"'When a door closes, another door opens.' Or maybe a window." -Miguel
"We don't need to grieve because nobody really died, they're just different now." -Scott
"I didn't lose anything in the war... in fact, I have a better life now. But condolences to anyone who lost loved ones..." -Garry
"Grieving is not very productive." -Lucas


Where to find Guestbook

At the Responders' Meeting Hall in Flatwoods, on a dresser under a chalkboard. 

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