Note From Miller

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Notes in Fallout 76 can be found scattered across Appalachia, and can contain scraps of lore, the stories of those who once lived in West Virginia, and various other information.  


Transcript for Note for Miller



I'm getting closer. I can feel it.

Growing up in West Virginia, I've heard the stories since I was a kid. And I always knew the truth - that the Mothman is real! He's real, and I'm going to find him, no matter what it takes.

To all my friends - sorry for leaving you behind, and I know you'd come with me if you could. Some journeys you've just got to make alone. But you're with me in spirit - just like I'll always be with you. West Virginia forever!

Evan "Limbless" Miller

P.S. Zack, I hope you still have that shotgun ammo. I may not have found the Mothman yet, but I did run into the Grafton Monster, and that thing is a BEAST!


Where to find Note From Miller

In Point Pleasant, to the left of the Mothman Statue. 


About This Note

'Note From Miller' is a tribute to Evan Miller, a Fallout fan who sadly passed away on the 8th June, 2018.

His friends, led by Zack Berry, petitioned Bethesda to include a tribute to their friend. Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines was touched by the petition and corresponded with Berry and friends to arrange the addition of the tribute to the final game. 

Evan's online tag was 'Limbless Cadaver', which is where the name in the note, 'Evan "Limbless" Miller', comes from. The shotgun ammo mentioned in the note is a reference to the last gift Berry received from Miller - two boxes of 12gauge shotgun shells. 

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