Patient Chart: Buzz

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Notes in Fallout 76 can be found scattered across Appalachia, and can contain scraps of lore, the stories of those who once lived in West Virginia, and various other information.  


Transcript for Patient Chart: Buzz



Patient Name:

"Buzz" Yates

Patient admitted at 9 PM complaining of upset stomach. Drank several containers of dirty water. Claims he likes the "earthy" taste.
Patient experiencing extreme bowl discomfort, weakness, confusion. Barely alive.

Patient died before receiving treatment.

Patients was too weak to survive a simple fall from his bed. Drinking so much dirty water reduced his physical strength considerably due to intense radiation damage and disease. While he didn't die of those issues, simply taking a slight injury caused his demise.


Where to find Patient Chart: Buzz

In Flatwoods, in the Responders' Camp. The note can be found in the Church next to a settler's body. 

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