The Sam Blackwell Interview

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Notes in Fallout 76 can be found scattered across Appalachia, and can contain scraps of lore, the stories of those who once lived in West Virginia, and various other information.  


Transcript for The Sam Blackwell Interview



*Charleston Herald*

The Sam Blackwell Interview

by Quinn Carter


Amidst mine riots, strikes, and the civil unrest of our time there is one name that is on everyone's lips: Sam Blackwell. Blackwell started his public life as a union activist, brokering deals between disenfranchised miners and regional powerhouses like Garrahan Mining and Hornwright Industrial. His star would only continue to rise during his re-election to the United States Senate, winning with a staggering 73% of the popular vote.

It would take the Senator's open support of the Appalachian Free States movement, a group of local survivalists with separatist overtones, before his popularity would begin to wane. But as minor scuffles between the Free States and the police broke into open violence, the Senator's support for the Free States only grew, as did calls for his resignation.

Then, seemingly without warning, the Senator vanished. Calls to his Charleston office and home went unanswered. His daughter, Judith, stopped showing up for classes at VTU. Multiple search parties were organized by police and concerned citizens, but to no end.

It was just three days ago that an unaddressed letter came across my desk, offering me an interview with the missing Senator. Presuming it a hoax, I nonetheless accepted.

But it was no hoax.

In an exclusive interview, I visited with our controversial former Senator in an undisclosed location. I asked Senator Blackwell why it was he left the Senate, presuming the pressure from his constituents had caused him to become disenchanted with public service. But the Senator had a far darker message than I could've ever suspected.

"There are sinister forces at work in the halls of government... I simply could not be a part of that anymore." Pressed for details, Blackwell leveled accusations at the highest echelons of power - the US Executive Branch, the Department of Agriculture, major corporations - all complicit in a shadowy conspiracy, and to whom the American citizen, in the Senator's own words, "are nothing but pawns in their sick games."

His advice to the American people in the face of such a harrowing claim? "The only recourse left to the average American is to flee the population centers, head into the wilderness, where one can find at least some hope of escaping the lurid gaze of those in government plotting against us." Throughout our conversation the Senator was composed, lucid, clear in his belief that everything he said, no matter how outlandish, was truth.

Through an evening of shocking revelations, perhaps least surprising of all was the Senator's resignation from the United States Senate. "Consider this interview my personal resignation from this government and this nation." And with that, I was ushered out, left to wonder how much should be taken as ravings or as desperate pleas for the safety of his fellow Americans.



Where to find The Sam Blackwell Interview

At the Whitespring Bunker, on a table in the security guards' room. 

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