What's Real

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Notes in Fallout 76 can be found scattered across Appalachia, and can contain scraps of lore, the stories of those who once lived in West Virginia, and various other information.  


Transcript for What's Real



Heidi would always say, "You gotta get off the drugs, Anna, they rot your brain," and I'd laugh. Man, it was funny at the time! But*****, now? She was right all along. I'm not even in the real world anymore.

I'm trapped in some bad trip nightmare. I tried sobering up, but it was worse. WAY WORSE. All the animals here look dead or halfway there. People look like they stepped right out of a horror movie to eat my brain, or what's *****ing left of it.

I got a plan to get out of it. Drugs got me in here, they can get me out, so I'm gonna do them ALL. And when I wake up, it's stone cold sober for me, baby.


Where to find What's Real


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