Nuclear Launch Keys in Fallout 76 are extremely valuable keys in order to be able to use Nuclear Silos that are readily available all over the map of West Virginia. The usage of the Nuclear Missiles are twofold: First, if the players choose to destroy an opposing group or individual's territory. And second in order to gain the possible rare resources that would be produced in the ensuing nuclear explosions. Of course such rewards include many dangers than the actual fallout.


General Information

Nuclear technology is no stranger in the fallout universe. It's might as a weapon even more so is influenced in the daily lives of the people in the United States. That is why the vast amount of undisturbed nuclear silos exist in the of West Virginia wasteland.

The reason these great weapons remain undisturbed is due to the complicated locks that guard it requires a special kind of key. These items are called Nuclear Launch Keys are one of a kind for a specific silo area and are inherently incomplete. Thus multiple launch keys are needed to use the payloads.


Loot in Nuked Areas



Enemies in Nuked Areas

Enemies in nuked areas are scaled up for the rewards expect heavy resistance from the local wildlife

Image Name Level Loot Spawn Areas
  Bloated Glowing One 58  
  Protectron Guardian 50    



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