One of Us

Type Main Quests
Rewards Urban Operative underarmor
Bunker Buster
Photo Frame - The Enclave
Location The Whitespring Bunker
Previous Quest Bunker Buster
Next Quest Officer on Deck

One of Us is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to locate a couple of Orbital Beacons and to return them to MODUS. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



One of Us Objectives

  1. Explore the Whitesrping Bunker.
  2. Meet the Bunker's Resident.
  3. Load the System Access Tape into a Sigint System Terminal.
  4. Collect Modus' Lost Data.
  5. Deploy the Uplink Module at the Connection Site.


One of Us Locations


One of Us Enemies

  • ????


One of Us Walkthrough



Head to The Whitespring Bunker, which in case you haven't already visited, is south of the Top of the World. Once you arrive, the bunker will blocked by a vault door but you will be let through by an anonymous being, if you accept his invitation.

Continue down the right corridor. Here you'll find a a marked button. Pressing it will take a picture of you. There will also be a Dispenser on the left that provides you with some Operative Underarmor, after activating it. Continue through the door that has a sign that reads "Orientation", then continue down its stairs,


Among the Machines

You'll eventually speak to the host, MODUS, and he will require you take an exam to demonstrate your intelligence. The first two answers will gather information about your personality and the rest will have more concrete answers. Scoring 4+ points get you some valuable loot, while scoring higher will provide yo with back up in a later time.

Along with that, you will also receive a System Access Tape, which will help you hack the Signit System Terminal in Sugar Grove. Head back to Camp Venture. From there head toward the aforementioned Sugar Grove, that is outlined on the map as an objective. There are two entrances: a northern and southern door. Only the northern door is available to access via the Terminal just next to it.

Once you enter, head downstairs and find the Signit System Terminal. Insert the System Access Tape you got earlier and proceed to follow what prompts up. Upstairs you'll find the Archival Dispenser to get MODUS's lost data, retrieve it then return to The Whitespring Bunker.


Man Serving Bot

Upon returning, use the control panel to gain access to the back door of the vault. Head left this time through the blue laser grid. Take the elevator to the next exam room where you'll follow MODU's instructions until he gives you an Uplink Module to install.

Once you've done this, head back to Sugar Grove then venture south to find the Radio Astronomy Research Center. Enter the premises and proceed to the top floor. From here, make your way up to the roof and insert the Uplink Module into the Connection Platform machine.

Leave the center and hit the road east, to find a care package not too far off. It will contain an Orbital Scan Beacon and an Orbital Strike Beacon, which you will then need to take back to MODUS, to complete this quest.


Notes & Notable Loot

  • When you enter the vault at Whisespring, you may be tempted to fire off some rounds inside the bunker. Refrain from doing this as the patrolling bots will neutralize any threats within, in an instant.
  • Note 2
  • Note 3



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