Collecting all 6 of the Overseer's Personal Journal Holotapes completes one of Fallout 76's World Challenges, affording the player 40 Atoms to spend in the Atomic Store.  


Where to find the Overseer's Journals

Image Name Location Region How to find it Related Quests
location_placeholder Overseer's Journal: Entry 1 Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center  The Forest The tape is on the front counter of the Research Center.  Overseer's Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Journal: Entry 2


 The Forest

The second tape is in the blue house to the north of Sutton, on the second floor. 

Overseer's Mission


location_placeholder Overseer's Journal: Entry 3 Morgantown High School The Forest  The tape can be found on a coffee table after entering the High School through the main entrance with an awning Overseer's Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Journal: Entry 4 Vault-Tec University  The Forest The tape can be found after entering the University through the Morgantown Monorail Station entrance  Overseer's Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Journal: Entry 5 Welch   The tape can be found in Evan's house in Welch.  Evan's house is a brick house located southeast of Welch station. Overseer's Mission
location_placeholder Overseer's Journal: Entry 6  Mount Blair  Ash Heap The holotape is located outside a 2-story metal warehouse north of Abandoned Mineshaft 6.


Overseer's Journal Transcripts

Overseer's Journal: Entry 1

"Overseer's... let's call these personal journals. Not an official log. Just... something for me.
The agricultural center. One of my first posts with Vault-Tec. I was so excited because I used to come to this same farm when I was a kid.
I remember one year... at the Autumn Festival. Me running through the corn maze. Going every which way. Mom and dad yelling after me to slow down. Ha! Wasn't going to happen.
I guess I was always hitting life fast. Couldn't just be a Pioneer Scout, I had to make troupe leader. Couldn't just be a good student, I had to have straight A's.
God, I miss those early days. Just... being a kid. The three of us. Our simple life. Our simple house. I wonder if it's still standing... "

Overseer's Journal: Entry 2

"Hi mom. Hi dad. I'm home. I'm sorry it's been so long. I... I couldn't get way.
I know neither of you is around to hear this. But I miss you. I miss watching dad grade papers on the living room table. I miss the three of us huddled around the radio, listening to the "The Silver Shroud."
Dad, you were right about what living underground would really be like. Twenty-five years locked in with the same people was a... challenge.
But watching them pair up, get married, have children... I think I got to know a little bit of what you and mom were always telling me.
Well, since I'm doing this whole trip down memory lane, maybe a walk over to the old high school is in order..."


Overseer's Journal: Entry 3

"Overseer's personal journal. I was in my junior year when I got the news mom died.
Mining accident.
Everyone in West Virginia has a story like that in the family.
It's just... you never think it's going to be you.
Dad was in pieces.
I started living in the library more than before, and I was already there most days to begin with.
And Evan... god, Evan. Mom had introduced us just a few months before. Graduated a year ahead me. Just went right to work in the mines. So handsome, oh, and those arms! What West Virginia girl could resist all that? I cant believe he stuck with me.
After the funeral, I didn't want anyone around, but there he was, showing up in the library after his shift with the lunchbox for us to share every day.
When the career fair came, and I met the people from Vault-Tec, it was like a light turned on. Protecting families, protecting their future, protecting... America? The first thing I did when I got the acceptance letter to Vault-Tec University was head over to mom's grave with dad. He was happy I was staying in West Virginia. So was I. "

Overseer's Journal: Entry 4

"Overseer's personal journal.
Four years of living, learning, and breathing Vault-Tec. Graduating with honors in the Overseer track. Dad was so proud. He came out even though he was already so sick.
I must have impressed the right people, because I was offered the next available Overseer slot. I had just graduated! It was supposed to take years. Maybe they knew the War was inevitable.
When I learned that 76 was going to be built, I was so excited I jumped right out of my chair and did a little dance around the living room. Appalachia would be safe, no matter what happened.
Evan chose that moment to propose, that lughead. He knew I wouldn't say no after hearing the news. He knew me better than anyone...
Dad died a few months after Evan and I moved in together. He really wanted to walk me down the aisle. Well, I didn't really get to walk down there, either, so... *cough as tears well up, then sigh*
I think it's time I went home. I owe Evan that much."


Overseer's Journal: Entry 5

"Overseer's personal journal.
Vault 76 was built to take the best and the brightest. But... that wasn't what all the Vaults were for.
The societal preservation program.
I wasn't supposed to know about it, but when I found out, Evan wanted me to tell the press. But... I didn't.
Yes, experimenting on Vault residents was ethically wrong, but the goal of finding the most suitable people to repopulate, to understand humanity pushed to the extremes... what if that was the only way for us to survive?
We can't save everyone. That's what they always told us. And I thought - I still think - they were right.
Vault-Tec found out that I knew. I thought I was going to be fired or arrested, but instead they confided in me.
Vault 76 was going to be a Control Vault - no experiment. I was so relieved.
They told me I was going to be assigned to Vault 101 in Washington DC. I had to leave West Virginia - my people - behind. I couldn't let them do that. No matter what it took.
I'm so sorry, Evan.
I wish I could say I would have made another choice. That I would have picked dying in this house together when the bombs fell.
I never stopped thinking about you.
And I'm not giving up until I find out what happened.
If you're not here, then there's only one other place that you'd want to be.
The mines. "

Overseer's Journal: Entry 6

"Overseer's personal journal.
I found him.
He's down there, just like I thought he'd be. But I...
I didn't think he'd be... one of those things. The green lesions on his face. The... oh my god.
I did this to him. It's all my fault. They told me I could have Vault 76, but... not if I was married. They would have had to give Evan a spousal exemption and give him space in the Vault. But... there was someone more qualified. A civil engineer, someone with the skills to help rebuild. He was a distant cousin of a Vault-Tec executive and almost made the cut.
76 was for the best and brightest. And Evan didn't qualify. Deep down, I knew they were right.
So I broke off the engagement. I sacrificed him for the Vault. For Appalachia.
I know what I have to do, but... I just can't!
I love him.
I already killed him once, I can't do it again.
I gave 76 everything.
You were all so brilliant.
First few years were hard, but we learned to trust each other - you learned to trust me.
I was young. So young. Younger than most of you. But you accepted me as Overseer.
So I need you to do this for me.
Let Evan rest. He didn't deserve any of this.
The Scorched. Eliminating this plague. It's not just about survival now, it's personal.
We have to secure the nukes.
Wipe this disease off the map! "

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