Fallout 76 Parched is a Affliction Status Effect in the game. Status Effects are temporary buffs or debuffs that affect the player character's Stats and their performance within the Wasteland. Positive status effects are known as Buffs, whilst negative ones are known as Afflictions.


How to avoid Parched status

  • The Stat ruling this status effect is Thirst.
  • Mainly cured by consuming Drinks
  • You need to drink every ? in-game hours in order to maintain this status
  • Dromedary perk helps with obtaining this status as it increases the effect of drinks consumption on thirst.
  • Perk Bloodsucker makes Bloodpacks satisfy thirst.



Notes and Trivia



Fallout 76 Buffs
Exhausted  ♦  Famished  ♦  Fed  ♦  Rested  ♦  Stealth Boy  ♦  Well Fed  ♦  Well Hydrated  ♦  Well Rested




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