Personal Matters

Type Side Quests
  • 350 XP
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
Location Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
Prerequisites Listen to the Overseer's Journal, Entry 1
Time  N/A

Personal Matters is a Side Quest in Fallout 76. Side Quests can provide various rewards from XP to caps. They are displayed under the section "SIDE" of the Pip-Boy.



Personal Matters Objectives

  1. Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 1.
  2. Find the next journal in Sutton
  3. Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 2
  4. Find the next journal in Morgantown High School
  5. Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 3
  6. Find the next journal in Vault-Tec University
  7. Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 4
  8. Find the next journal in Welch
  9. Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 5
  10. Find the next journal in Mount Blair
  11. Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 6
  12. Kill Evan


Personal Matters Locations


Personal Matters Enemies


Personal Matters Walkthrough

The objective of this side quest is simple: find and listen to the Overseer's Journal Entries 1-6 in order to complete the quest.

First, head to Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center which is located on the south side from Vault 76. Once you're in, approach the front counter to pick up the Overseer's Journal, Entry 1, listen to it to initiate the quest. Once you're done, your quest marker will automatically tag the location for the remaining journals.


Sutton - Overseer's Journal, Entry 2

Simply make your way to Sutton and follow your quest marker to a light blue colored house - be sure you are fully equipped with weapons, armor and recovery items since you will encounter the Scourged armed with guns. Once you're in, check the basement to obtain some items, a Tinker's Workbench can be also found. The main objective is head to the second floor, and walk straight into the room in front of you and pick up the Overseer's second entry that is sitting on a small table. Collect the item, listen to the holotape and head to your next destination.


Morgantown High School - Overseer's Journal, Entry 3

Head inside the school and you'll immediately find the Overseer's third entry on a table just in front of you - obtain the holotape, listen to it and move on to the next location. You may explore the school first and collect some random items, but again, be sure you are fully equipped for battle since a number of enemies such as mole rats, scourged will be roaming around the area.


Vault-Tec University - Overseer's Journal, Entry 4

Now, head to Vault-Tec University situated about south on the map, close to Morgantown High School. Simply enter the main entrance and head up the second floor, you'll find the Overseer's fourth entry on top of a red case - collect the holotape, listen to it, and proceed to Welch for the fifth journal.


Welch - Overseer's Journal, Entry 5

The next holotape is in Welch about southwest from Vault-Tec University in the Ash Heap region, simply open your map and check the yellow quest marker in case you get lost - before you set foot in the Ash Heap region, be sure to equip a gas mask due to the toxic air is filled within the area. Now, continue following your marker and fend off some enemies until you reach another Evan's house, enter the house and you'll immediately find the Overseer's fifth journal, listen to the holotape once you've collected and you can either leave the location or farm your XP by killing off some of the enemies such as the Scorched, Mole Rats, Mole Miners, and Super Mutants.


Mount Blair - Overseer's Journal, Entry 6

The last entry can be found just north from Welch, also within the Ash Heap region - the marker will bring you to an abandoned workshop, head inside and exit through the opposite side of the warehouse where you'll see the Overseer's last entry. Collect the holotape and listen to the Overseer as she unfolds more about her and Vault 76.



After you're done, take the Warehouse Basement Keycard where you picked up the last holotape, turn right, head down the steps and unlock the door to the basement. Once you're in, walk further down the path and you'll see Evan which seems to have mutated to a Scorched Wanderer. Kill him to complete the quest.




Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??




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