Fallout 76 being Poisoned is a type of Affliction that players suffer. As a negative condition, this is not something players seek out, but rather have to find a remedy for when afflicted. Becoming Poisoned in Fallout 76 can come from contact with venomous enemies or poisonous items.


Fallout 76 Poison


How To Become Poisoned?

Becoming Poisoned in Fallout 76 is not a nice thing. This can happen to you by coming into contact venomous enemies or poisonous items. Once poisoned, players experience Wooziness and Blurred Vision.


How To Cure Being Poisoned?

Poison can also be cured with a specific cure, or leave the  Vault Dweller's system on their own after a set period of time. There are also perks and consumables players can take to improve resistance to poison. These include:

  • Perk 1
  • Perk 2
  • Item 1
  • Item 2

How to Avoid Becoming Poisoned?

As mentioned previously, perks can grant you immunity to being poisoned. Dealing with venomous enemies at range and avoiding direct contact with them could also go a long way.



 All Poisonous Creatures/Items in Fallout 76

Poison-Inflicting Hazards Risk Cure
Hazard 1 %  
Hazard 2 %  
Hazard 3 %  

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