Rad Storms are a type of weather found in Fallout 76. Rad Storms can be identified by their green tinge and lightning in the sky, while outside in a Rad Storm players will slowly gain Rads, lowering their health until Radaway is used. Players can also seek shelter in buildings to avoid taking Rads while the storm passes.

Rad Storms do not typically last long, averaging 5-10 minutes, but inexperienced or unwary players can be severely damaged, forcing them to heal once the storm passes. Players can also take Rad-X to reduce radiation taken from the storm. Some perks can give players buffs during Rad Storms, such as the Storm Chaser perk, that can apply quick healing during both normal storms and Rad Storms.

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    • Anonymous

      can you build a camp build that will protect you from Rad storms? like one of the materials and sealing yourself in with a door?

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