Raw Violet Flux

Rads 5
Water 25%
Weight 0.2
Value 50

Raw Violet Flux is a Drink consumable in Fallout 76 (FO76). Players may use the item to regenerate water, health or obtain other benefits as listed below.



Raw Violet Flux Effects



Raw Violet Flux Recipe

The Raw Violet Flux can be collected from harvesting it from the following mutated flora:



Raw Violet Flux Location

  • This type of Flux can be harvested from a mutated flora in a nuked area.
  • The variations of Flux may be found at the Enclave's base of operations, located at The Whitespring Bunker.



Raw Violet Flux Notes

  • The consumable item has no other special bonuses.
  • To preserve the Flux, it must be crafted into a Violet Flux.
  • If the Flux is left to spoil over time, it will convert into an Inert Flux.



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    • Anonymous

      24 Jan 2019 13:30  

      Raw violet flux is the rarest flux in the game. You need 10 at least. Found in nuked areas. My experience only with rare plants blue in color. Example; found a single blue piontsetter looking plant in a planter on the porch near the pool in Whitespring that became violet flux when picked. spoils faster than the other plants too and becomes inert flux which is then an aid item for thirst. Inert flux carry wieght is 1lb each so not something you want to lug a lot of . Iin a nuke zone the more flora you harvest the more inert flux appears in your inventory so keep an eye for it if you suddenly become overencombered and you haven't been grabbing everything in sight. Dump it if you need to and gather flora at the end of the event so you can return to your camp right away.. Violet flux is used for modding BOS Soldier suit, and prime receiver to use Ultracite ammo.

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