Type Main Quests
Rewards  Missle Ammo
Location The interior of the silo
Quest Stage 3 of I Am Become Death

Rundown is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to give you a complete breakdown of each of the 5 stages/areas within a Silo, to reach and access the Launch Console. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Rundown Objectives

Since there are 5 different sets of objectives, one for each event, they have been separated in the walkthrough below.



Rundown Locations


Rundown Enemies


Rundown Walkthrough


As mentioned in I Am Become Death and Mission: Countdown, there will be 5 events that need to be completed, each in a different area.


EVENT 1 - The Residential Area


  1. Find a way past the Laser Grids.
  2. Find a way to make a Biometric ID Card.
  3. Find an Old Biometric ID Card.
  4. Erase the Old Biometric ID Card.
  5. Acquire your Biometric ID Card.
  6. Create your Biometric ID Card.
  7. Register your Biometric ID Card.


Upon arriving, hack the Terminal at the entrance to disable the Supervisor and turrets. Once this is done, continue in to eliminate all enemies here except for the disabled Supervisor. Avoid tripping the security system to buy yourself some more time.

Each person participating in this event will have to acquire and register their Biometric ID Cards. Do it as quickly and efficiently in turns, but always be sure to keep a few of your friends on guard duty against the oncoming robots.

Once everyone has registered their Biometric ID Cards, the security system will automatically halt, which allows you to continue to the next event: The Reactor Area.



EVENT 2 - The Reactor Area


  1. Find a way to end the Reactor Security Lockdown.
  2. Shut down the Reactor for repairs.
  3. Repair the Reactor pipes.
    • (Optional) Restart the Reactor.


This area is completely engulfed in radiation so equipping a Hazmat Suit prior to entering would be ideal. If not, take some Rad-X until you reach the Hazmat Suits in the first room here. In the first room, you'll also find a Terminal to not only disable the Supervisor and turrets in here once again, but you'll also be able to activate the Decontamination Arches; this will help greatly with the radiation. There are also more Terminals in this area that can be used to call in your own robot reinforcements.

Clear the room and after you've done that, find the broken pipe pieces. Once you've collected them all, the only way to repair them is to first shut down the Reactor. The only problem is, doing so will set off the security system and spring the killer robots to action.

A good tactic to employ is for everyone to find out the broken pipe locations and repair them as soon as the Reactor goes off. Doing this quickly may let you almost completely avoid hostile contact.



However if you'd prefer to skip the repairs, a high-leveled lockpick and hacker is required. They'll need to pick the lock on the door in the center of the area then hack the Security Command Terminal to override the lockdown, allowing you and your buddies to proceed straight into the third event: The Operations Center.



EVENT 3 - The Operations Center


  1. Destroy the Mainframe Cores.


This area is a bit different to the rest, due to the fact that as soon as you enter the room, the security system is automatically triggered. Fortunately, the Terminal in this room will still allow you to disable the Supervisor and turrets, as you have in the previous two.

Follow the long and comprehensive list of objectives on the left, and do as it says. Use explosives to destroy the Mainframe Cores found in the room, just ensure you don't accidentally kill one of your teammates in the process. Once they are destroyed, you'll be able to proceed into the next room and the alarms will stop.



EVENT 4 - The Storage Area


  1. Find a way to open the Security Doors.
  2. Replace 15 Mainframe Cores.
    • (Optional) Find Spare Mainframe Cores.
    • (Optional) Repair damaged Mainframe Cores.
  3. Open Security Door.


As soon as you arrive, pick the lock on the door on the side to access a Terminal to yet again, disable the Supervisor and turrets. Continue into the main room and you'll find a Sentry bot among other robots you need to dispatch. Find the Terminal next to a wall and access it to open the shortcut door to the first area.

Interacting Facilities Mainframe Terminal or with Mainframe Cores will cause the security system to go off. You can take this time to find all the Cores and when everyone is ready, pick them up and install them in the Facilities Mainframe. This will make your life easier once the alarms start to ring.

Alternatively, the Facilities Mainframe will contain 15 damaged Mainframe Core which you can extract and take them to a workbench in this room, to repair with the 40x Scrap Steel and 30x Circuits you might have brought, if you read our Mission: Countdown page. This will allow you to place these newly-repaired cores into the machine without wasting time to find them.



EVENT 5 - The Control Room


  1. Initiate Launch Prep.
  2. Complete Launch Prep.
  3. Defend the Section Chiefs.
  4. Replace the Section Chiefs.


From The Storage Area, head up the stairs and you'll arrive at the first room, where you can also find another Terminal to put another Supervisor and his turrets, to sleep. Once you've done this, head into the main room. Here you'll be able to initiate Launch prep -but there's a catch! Doing so will trigger the alarms and you'll be forced to defend the Section Chiefs that will complete the Launch Prep.

If any of the Section Chiefs are destroyed, you'll need to use the Terminal near the fabrication pod to build a new one. Once the Chiefs have successfully prepped, it's the launch console becomes available and the security system deactivates.



Nuclear Launch

Once you've reached the console, all that's left to do is to insert the Nuclear Keycard into the right slot and input the correct code sequence. Any wrong inputs will force you to find a new Keycard, and you'll have to restart the whole process :(

Once you're through, select your target and bring down hell.

Notes & Notable Loot

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  • Note 2
  • Note 3
  • Loot 1
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  • Loot 3



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