Scorched Earth

Type Main Quests
Rewards Ultracite Ore
Location Random Location
Previously Quest Death From Above
Next Quest -

Scorched Earth is a Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to defeat the Scorchedbeast Queen before she reaches her destination. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.




Scorched Earth Locations

  • Cranberry Bog at a Random Location


Scorched Earth Enemies


Scorched Earth Walkthrough


The Big Bad

With the Prime Fissure opened, the Scorchbeast Queen emerges to create a new nest somewhere else, and it's up to you to stop her before she can accomplish this.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3
  • Loot 1
  • Loot 2
  • Loot 3



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