Second Helpings

Rewards Ribeye Steak, Contact Responders Headquarters
Location Flatwoods
Previous Quest Thirst Things First
Next Quest Final Departure

Second Helpings is a Main Quest in Fallout 76. The aim of this Main Quest is to teach players how to obtain the materials to and cook a Ribeye Steak. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



Second Helpings Objectives

  1. Find Delbert Winters in Flatwoods.
    1. (Optional) Search for Delbert Winters in the People Directory.
  2. Look For Delbert Winters at his home.
  3. Search for training instructions around Delbert's house.
  4. Cook a Ribeye Steak.
    1. (Optional) Get a piece of Brahmin meat.
    2. (Optional) Get some wood for fuel.
  5. Check in with the Self-Serve Kiosk.
  6. Contact the Responders using the Database.


Second Helpings Locations


Second Helpings Enemies


Second Helpings Walkthrough


Priest House Visit

From the Self-Serve Kiosk in the Tavern in Flatwoods, look up Delbert Winters. It will give you the address of his trailer, so head to the south of town to reach it. Upon arriving, search his trailer and you'll find his body -search that too. Invasion of privacy doesn't matter when the world's gone to hell so access his Terminal, and if you gave him and the house a thorough search, you should have no problems finding the password. Once you hackerman your way in, you have full access to all his archives. Reading through some of it will tell you that Delbert loved a good ol' Ribeye Steak! Why is this important you may ask? Well because now you've got a craving for it as well so lets get it.



Outside the Delbert trailer, you'll conveniently find a couple of dead and alive Brahmin. Loot the corpses, or kill the live ones then loot them, for some Brahmin Meat. Now that you have this, head over to a Cooking Station (there's two in the car park next to the Tavern) and craft yourself a Ribeye Steak (requires 1x Brahmin Meat and 1x Wood.

Once you've cooked yourself a mean Steak, head over to the Tavern and use the Kiosk to achieve the rank of Full Volunteer. Once you've done this, head to the Church and access the Responders Database Terminal, in the back. You now have full access to the Terminal, which allows you to contact the main Responders Headquarters. An emergency message will also appear afterwards.



Notes & Notable Loot

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