Fallout 76 Supply Drops are a game mechanic that enables players to obtain special resource deliveries in-game. Supply Drops come from an automated system that was built by the emergency services of Appalachia, which would allow people to request government air drops of vital supplies.


How to get a Supply Drop

Players need to find Holotapes from the US Government Supply Requisition. These must be brought in to a Radio Tower and players can call in an automated drop that will contain specific resources and loot.

  • Holotapes for this quest are found randomly around Appalachia.
  • Obtaining the Holotape begins the Request Government Air Drop quest.
  • Be mindful that the drop sites will attract Enemies
  • Be mindful that the drop sites may become contested via PvP


What's inside Supply Drops

Players can find the following items within the containers:





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