The Elusive Crane

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Type  Main Quest
Rewards  -
Location  -
Previously Quest Strengths in Numbers
Next Quest -

The Elusive Crane is a Quest in Fallout 76. Quests are objectives that the player may complete to obtain special rewards for their participation in the wasteland activities.



The Elusive Crane Objectives

  1. ???
  2. ???


The Elusive Crane Locations

  • ????
  • ????


The Elusive Crane Enemies

  • ????


The Elusive Crane Walkthrough

After you complete the Strengths in Numbers quest, follow the duchess to interrogate Crane.

After Crane is dead, loot his body to get a map and a keycard. Make your way to Gauley Mine. Go inside the mine and follow the train tracks until you meet Solomon.

Then, head down the stone tunnel to reach the mechanical room. Inside the room, there is a hole on the floor. Look for a cage here. It will require a code to unlock. The code is 071990 (from the map).

Unlock the red door inside the cage to reach ROBCO AUTO-CACHE #001, use the keycard to enter the office. Hack the terminal in the control room to register your pip-boy. Then go down to the cache door to open it.

Find the token at the podium, you can use it to obtain one of the weapons from Auto-Cache machines.

Return to Wayward and talk to Duchess.



Notes & Notable Loot

  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3
  • Loot 1
  • Loot 2
  • Loot 3


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