Vending Machines

Purpose Purchase Consumables
Currency Caps
  • Medical
  • Ammunition
  • U-Mine-It!
Location Various

Vending Machines are one of the only forms of vendors in Fallout 76. Players use specific Vending Machines around the map to purchase different items.


Vending Machines Information

Vending Machines can be found all across Appalachia and are one of the few ways players can spend their caps in the baron wasteland. There are a few variations of Vending Machines that provide different consumables such as health items,  The prices vary depending on the purchase and machine.

Vending Machines can also be crafted using the C.A.M.P. and placed in a player's very own camp.



Different Types of Vending Machines



 Medical Supplies Vending Machine



U-MINE-IT Vending Machine




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