Release Date Apr 14th, 2020
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Wastelanders is one of the DLCs of Fallout 76 (FO76). This DLC fundamentally changed the play experience of the original game by bringing back human NPCs, adding new regions, quests, stories, weapons and more!



The expansion fundamentally changes the wasteland with living humans returning to Appalachia.

Set in 2103, one year after the opening of Vault 76, new survivors begin flocking to Appalachia in search of a rumored treasure. As settlers and raiders alike scramble to find it, the residents of Vault 76 must choose sides in the brewing conflict.

Players can embark on a new main quest of choice and consequence, interact with characters and their unique stories, discover the faction settlements of the Crater and Foundation, and collect powerful new weapons and armor.


Wastelanders DLC info

The Wastelander expansion is divided into raider content and settler content.

Raider Content includes:

  • Mine Car Planter - A small planter for your crops when no dirt is available; buildable in your C.A.M.P.
  • Raider C.A.M.P. - Change the look of your Vault-Tec C.A.M.P. deployable to give it a Raider edge.
  • Raider Stash Box - Raider-themed Stash box for the C.A.M.P.
  • Raider Faction Flag - New flag for a player’s C.A.M.P. that show their allegiance with Crater.
  • Raider Pathfinder Outfit - Look like another resident of Crater with this outfit; includes mask and bandanna.
  • Raider Conquest Loot Bag - Raider-style Loot bag, complete with skull.
  • Raider Pillager Backpack - A Raider-style backpack.
  • Raider Marauder Power Armor Skin -Unique appearance based on the Crater Raiders.

Settler Content includes:

  • Garden Truckbed Trailer - A small planter for your crops when no dirt is available; buildable in your C.A.M.P.
  • Settler C.A.M.P. - Change the look of your Vault-Tec C.A.M.P. deployable to give it a Settler appearance.
  • Settler Stash Box - Settler-themed Stash box for the C.A.M.P.
  • Settler Faction Flag - New flags for a player’s C.A.M.P. that show their allegiance with Foundation.
  • Settler Mechanic Outfit - Look like another resident of Foundation with this outfit; included hat.
  • Settler Traveler Loot Bag - Settler-style Loot Bag; looks like a travel case.
  • Settler Relief Backpack - A Settler-style backpack.
  • Settler Vigilante Power Armor Skin - Unique appearance based on the Foundation Settlers.


Wastelanders Companions/Allies


(Recruit at Rusty Pick from quest Narrow Escape)

Raider Punk

(Random generated)

Settler Forager

(Recruited at the Foundation)


Wastelanders New Locations


Wastelanders New Characters



Wastelanders New Creatures


Wastelanders Factions


Wastelanders New Weapons & Armor



Wastelanders Quests



Given by


Wayward Souls Main Quest    
Hunter for Hire Main Quest    
Strength in Numbers Main Quest    
The Elusive Crane Main Quest    
The New Arrivals Main Quest    
Strange Bedfellows Main Quest    
Here to Stay Main Quest    
Overseer, Overseen Main Quest    
Siding with Foundation Main Quest    
Trade Secrets Main Quest    
Invisible Ties Main Quest    
Duty Calls Main Quest    
Division of Wealth Main Quest    
All That Glitters Main Quest    
Siding with Crater Main Quest    
Cheating Death Main Quest    
Fun and Games Main Quest    
The Ol' Weston Shuffle Main Quest    
From Russia With Lev Main Quest    
Buried Treasure Main Quest    
Secrets Revealed Main Quest    
Retirement Plan Daily Quest    
The Importance of Communication Daily Quest    
Photo Opportunity Daily Quest    
Vital Equipment Daily Quest    
Crash Landing Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
The Woman Who Fell To Earth Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Mission Out-of-Control Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
One Small Step Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
In Case of Emergency Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Bring Home the Beacon Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
The Universe Conspires Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Hope Remains Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Search and Destroy Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Heavy Eyes Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Patently False Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Privacy Violation Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Contractually Obfuscated Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Boot Camp Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Past Expiration Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
No Brainer Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Calling Long Distance Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Who Sat Down Beside Her Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Lab Rat Companion Quest Commander Daguerre  
Faint Signal Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Breaking the Cycle Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Run Time Execution Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Out of Bounds Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Data Driven Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Return Package Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Constants Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Build Failure Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Rogue Bot Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Battery Included Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Access Denied Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Glitchcraft Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Expired Contract Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Close Encounter Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
No Exceptions Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Overflow Error Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Reset Variables Radiant Quests Commander Daguerre  
Narrow Escape Companion Quest Entering the Ash Heap  
An Eagle Flies Free Companion Quest Beckett  
Thicker Than Water Companion Quest Beckett  
Dirty Little Secrets Companion Quest Beckett  
Exit Sage Left Companion Quest Beckett  
Out of Key Companion Quest Beckett  
Traitor's Demise Companion Quest Beckett  
Supply and Demand Companion Quest Beckett  
Spilling Blood Companion Quest Beckett  
Pet Peeve Companion Quest Beckett  
Shooting Star Companion Quest Beckett  
Bot of Gold Companion Quest Beckett  
Sibling Piracy Companion Quest Beckett  
Needs of the Many Companion Quest Beckett  
Eye for an Eye Companion Quest Beckett  
Stalking Stuffer Radiant Quests Beckett  
Loose Ends Radiant Quests Beckett  
Cropping Spree Radiant Quests Beckett  
Saving Skin Radiant Quests Beckett  


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