Fallout 76 Lockpicking is a game mechanic that allows players to break into locked containers. With the world gone to hell in a hand-basket, and most people either dead, stuck in a Vault somewhere, or out shooting and robbing one another, it seems a little silly not to take a little peek inside the various locked boxes, safes and rooms you'll come across, to see what goodies you might find. 


How to pick a lock in Fallout 76

The process of picking locks is very similar to previous Fallout games, and many other RPGs. 

  1. When you find a lock you want to pick, look straight at it and your view will adjust, making the lock the main focus of your screen, and showing your lockpicking tools primed for use. 
  2. Move the bobby pin around gently and attempt to turn the screwdriver to open the lock. If the bobby pin begins to shake, you're not in the 'sweet spot' and need to adjust it slightly, or the pin will break and you'll need to use a new one.
  3. The higher the lock's difficulty, the smaller its sweet spot for opening. 


How to upgrade your lockpicking skills in Fallout 76

There are three perception Perk Cards which can improve your Lockpicking abilities: Picklock, Expert Picklock and Master Picklock. Each of these cards will, when equipped into your deck, improve your skill by one, for a maximum of three. Every card that's equipped will also increase the size of a lock's 'sweet spot', making even high difficulty locks a little easier to pick. 

Unlike some Perk Cards, all three of the Lockpicking cards have only one rank - this means that while you can collect and equip all three, you cannot equip a second of the same type to improve the rank. Therefore you must find one of each of the cards, unlike some Perks where finding a duplicate will allow you to upgrade its rank. 

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