Fallout 76 Character Builds refers to player-created combinations of Stats, Perks and Equipment that match their desired playstyle and objectives. Some builds are PvP focused, whilst others focus on PvE content, and some are cosplay or fun-oriented.

What is the best character build?

Like many games, Fallout 76 provides optimized setups that enable players to perform better at the game: certain combinations of Stats, Perks and Equipment work better together than others. With myriad combinations of Perks and Equipment, however, there's no undisputed "best build".

  • Some overpowered or extremely strong builds may be listed in this page to assist players in their pursuit of the best build in the game.
  • Some cosplay builds may also be listed alongside the above, so keep in mind this page is editable by all players and there's no guarantee of the efficiency of any particular setup for a particular purpose.


While we work on adding Builds, enjoy this Best Perks Video (and please feel free to add your own Builds below!):



Fallout 76 Builds


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Build Name Build Level & Stats Build Equipment & Perks
Example Name Level 49 - Strength & Charisma Melee Weapons, Power Armor, Example Perk, Example Perk, Example Perk
Fallout 76 Melee Build Guide Any  An overview of how to make a Melee Build
Fallout 76 Sniper Build Guide Any An overview of how to make a Sniper Build 
Fallout 76 Heavy Gunner Build Guide (Power Armor) 30+ Power Armor, Heavy Gun (Non-Explosive)


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