Fallout 76 Afflictions , or Conditions, are a state that players are put in due to various actions and/or interactions. Players are able to carry multiple Afflictions that can temporarily alter players' stats and S.P.E.C.I.A.L levels, but more often than not those alterations are negative.



Different Types of Afflictions

Afflictions can be divided into a few categories, each being a different form of affliction that can be resolved in different ways.




Diseases are present in Fallout 76, and can be caught by Vault Dwellers in multiple ways. This type of Affliction can only negatively impact a player's attributes for a set amount of time. However, preventative measures can be taken to avoid contracting them, and various cures can help to rid players of the respective diseases.



Mutations in Fallout 76 are caused by exposure to Radiation. When exposed, Vault Dwellers have a chance of developing a mutation that can empower and/or hinder them in different circumstances. Various pieces of equipment can be used to prevent becoming irradiated, and can potentially be cured by using Radaway.




Injuries in Fallout 76 are limited to limbs. Being injured will undoubtedly negatively affect players as they experience penalties to attributes revolving around the use of those particular limbs, which can be cancelled out by treating your injury.



Being poisoned in Fallout 76 can come encounters with venomous creatures in Appalachia. Much like with Diseases, being poisoned can only negatively affect Vault Dwellers and can be cured. Poison Resistance can also be used to reduce the risk and effects.




Some may argue that Addiction is a disease, however in Fallout 76 all that is certain is that Vault Dwellers are at risk of becoming addicts. This can be a result of consuming too many chems. Most addictions will require players to continue consuming the chems to avoid withdrawal symptoms; alternatively, you can rough it through the withdrawal to overcome your addiction.

Basic Needs


The most basic and common afflictions that can affect Vault Dwellers in Appalachia -or anyone for that matter. Daily needs such as getting enough food, water, rest, are necessary to maintain and improve certain attributes, while neglecting them will result in penalties.


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