Fallout 76 Basic Mechanics covers the basic aspects that players should be aware of to succeed at the game. This selection of links will point users towards specific pages that explain these mechanics in-depth.


Fallout 76 Basic Mechanics

  • Player attributes are ruled by S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats. There's 7 of them, and the allocated points determine what special skills you might chose
  • Player skills are determined by Perks, which are obtained by gathering and equipping Perk Cards.
  • Perk Cards are only found by Leveling Up, which means players must obtain Experience (XP)
  • XP is obtained by completing Quests, Public Events, and defeating Enemies.
  • Enemies do not level up with your character, and are instead set on their spawn level. If an enemy is too strong for you, you can tackle it as a group
  • The Combat and VATS pages explain how real-time aiming works in Fallout 76.



Fallout 76 Survival

Players must survive within Appalachia, needing to eat, drink and rest as they build their settlements.






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